Saturday, March 10, 2012

All Roads Lead to Rome

My last post, When in Rome, gave you a small preview of the Roman project that we've undertaken in my seventh grade World History classroom. As mentioned in the previous post, it was the brainchild of my teacher intern.  The students really got into the project and we had some wonderful projects.  Some of the projects really surprised me.  My camera battery was dead so I had to resort to using my phone's camera.  I only was able to take a few pictures, but after Spring Break, I will post some more.

The Roman Aqueduct as envisioned by one of my students. 

I appreciated this version of the Colosseum because she labeled the various parts of her "replica."
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Horrible picture, but this is one of my favorites. Ignore the chaos that is my desk, please.  This project combined the aqueduct and the Colosseum.  The girls add plastic tubing which allowed water to flow through the aqueduct and flood the Colosseum floor.  This was supposed to represent the fact that historians believe naval battles were fought in the Colosseum by a similar process.

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