Thursday, March 8, 2012

When in Rome...

As part of my teaching intern's 10 day unit, she assigned the student's to complete a Roman project. She gave them a variety of options to choose from and one of the options was to build a model of the Colosseum.  Today was our first presentation. The rest will be presented tomorrow, but one group wanted to go early because Spring Break is next week and one of the members is not going to be here tomorrow.

I am not sure they got it exactly, but I love the fact that they used gummy animals to represent the various animals that might have been found in the Colosseum.  Our 7th graders have really gotten into this project. It has truly engaged them in cross curricular activities and sparked an interest in Rome in general.  The project has a variety of requirements and a wonderful rubric.  I'll try to post them when I get the chance. My brain is already on Spring Break mode though :)

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