Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bulletin Board Idea: Dive Into...

    I was going through some of my old photos and found this bulletin board that I did last year.  It's not the best and the picture quality is horrible, but it was still a hit with my students.  It was relatively simple to put together. First I found a elephant on a diving board  and projected it onto a large sheet of butcher paper.  I then traced it and colored it in.  Next I found a new decorative font, Australian Sunset,  and created the words "Dive into History."  You could use any font, but I liked the fact that this one looked like waves.  Then I cut out a diving board and some "water" out of brown and blue bulletin board paper respectively.  Finally I let my students add words to the water that they felt were related to what we were studying.  

    This bulletin board could be adapted to meet any situation.  I plan to use this the last part of May (after state testing) and change it to "Dive into a Good Book."  My students are going to do book reviews/recommendations and I'm going to have them list their books in the water.  

Elephant on Diving Board

Font: Australian Sunset
Downloaded from 1001 Free Fonts

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