Tuesday, March 13, 2012


     I had been considering going back to school for a few years and I finally bit the bullet last year.  I decided to start looking at some different programs. Through my research I discovered that Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky had an online Master's Degree Program. I applied and was fortunate enough to be accepted. I just started classes this semester, but I am already really excited about the program.  All that to say... yesterday we actually got to go through Bowling Green and we stopped and looked around the campus.  One of the first things I saw was this... Hardin Planetarium. In case your wonderful..."so what"... I'm Mrs. Hardin.

     On a side note  this is what I'll be driving for the next few days, a Ford Fiesta.  I normally drive a cherry red 2005 PT Cruiser.  My Dad got it for me for high school graduation.  It makes me feel old to think that I've had that little car almost exactly 7 years now (Dad surprised me with it on St. Patrick's Day). It's getting a much needed break (approaching 135,000 miles) for a few days while I'm on vacation.  
     While I'm on the other side of the Mason Dixon Line (in Kentucky right now), I plan on making the rounds of museums and attractions (not to mention shopping).  I'll try to get some good photos.  The ones today are from my phone, sorry for the poor quality.  If I don't post again, enjoy your week. I know I'll be enjoying mine - IT'S SPRING BREAK.  I'd do the happy dance, but I'm in the hotel "Executive Business Center" right now... I'll wait until I get in the parking lot.   

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